AFM image of the diamond like film surface.

The surface roughness is about 5 nm.


Micro-hardness of diamond-like coating samples

RF and VHF PECVD installation with 75 mm diameter deposition surface.


PECVD installation equipped by two-sides electrode system with 5050 cm area.
This installation allows to treat 404015 cm 3-D objects.

MAIN COATING FEATURES: high hardness, low friction coefficient, low chemical activity , low electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity

 MAIN TECHNOLOGY FEATURES: Coating thickness from 0.3 to 2 mm,
up to 64 % diamond-like fraction content
film grow rate - 0.06 mm/min,
treated materials - glass, crystalline silicon, titanium, stainless steel, molybdenum, nickel etc.

 Application areas.

    as an: anti-scratch, dielectrics, enlightened, anti-friction, anti-corrosion,  biologically compatible coatings.


The technique uses plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) principles. The developed technique allows obtaining of 0.3 2 μm coating by diamond-like carbon (sp3 fraction up to 64%) on silicon, glass, titanium or stainless steel substrates. The achieved film grow rate 1 nm/sec.


  • flexibility in adjustment of the coating properties 

  • low coating cost

  • low coating temperature (lower than 300 )

  • coating of low melting temperature and afraid of thermal annealing materials

  • compatibility with standard semiconductor technologies

  • possibility for large area coating.

Development stage.

The basic methods of DLC coating has been developed and tested. The large semi-industrial PECVD reactor has been designed and manufactured.

Collaboration offers.

The research team is interested in joint research aimed on adaptation of the developed techniques for end-user objects coating. We could also provide a consulting in optimization and development of PECVD processes, 

For a well established process with a large volume recovery, the DLC coating costs is about 0.5 EUR/cm2. 

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