Vacuum Equipments (RUS)

Technical University Applied Physics is a custom research company specializing in physics research, development unique equipment for experimental research, improvement of  engineering processes and innovative promotion. The area of our physical research methods is extremely wide. Our team of experienced scientists is committed to help our manufacturing to raise on new level.

  • Hi temperature and industrial plasma : plasma sources, plasma diagnostics, fueling, burn control, vacuum and cryogenic systems for plasma experiments.
  • Ultrasonic technologies: atomization of aggressive and refractory materials, micron powder production.
  • Microwave technologies: microwave weighting, radiometers, reflectometers, ionization system.
  • Optical technologies: Be and Al foils for SXR spectroscopy, lasers, spectrometers, fast CCD cameras, total radiation detectors.
  • Hi voltage electromagnetic technologies: water disinfection, rock crusher, waste separator, contaminated layer scraper.
  • RF inductive plasma technologies: plasma torches, computer simulation, powder processing
  • Alkaline accumulator of super high specific power: Accumulator of super power (SPA) is an accumulator of a fundamentally new type.
  • Diamond cover for surface hardening: high hardness, low friction coefficient, low chemical activity , low electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity

  • Optical diagnostics of size and shape of particles in flows and mixtures: The diagnostics is designed for detection, observation and size measurements of solid particles, gas bubbles or droplets moving in liquid, gas or powder flows.

  • Measurements of reflectivity of coats and materials: The device is designed for the measurements of front to back scattering coefficient of coats and reflecting details in a wide range of light angles

  • Custom Research & Development


    Hi temperature & industrial plasma

    Ultrasonic technology

    Microwave technology

    Optics and spectroscopy

    Hi-voltage electromagnetic technology

    RF-inductive plasma torch technology


    Alkaline accumulator of super high specific power

    Diamond cover for surface hardening

    Optical diagnostics of size and shape of particles in flows and mixtures

    Measurements of reflectivity of coats and materials



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