TUAP offers the whole range of equipment used in controlled fusion experiments.

 Pellet injection: injection of 0.1-1 mm particles into high temperature plasma is used for plasma fueling or diagnostic. Cryogenic pellets of frozen hydrogen isotopes or impurity pellets such as Li, C, Fe, Ti are pneumatically or mechanically accelerated up to 0.1 1 km/s.

Plasma diagnostic: besides the probe measurements and diagnostics based on laser scattering plasma diagnostics mainly consists of sophisticated detection of particle and radiation fluxes: mass or energy spectroscopy, light spectroscopy (visible to SXR), tomographic reconstruction.

Vacuum equipment: TUAP offers fast vacuum valves for precise vacuum control.

Data acquisition and control electronics is normally supplied by TUAP together with the experimental equipment. However special electronics can be made to work with your existing devices.

Cryogenic systems are widely used by TUAP to freeze the hydrogen down to melting point of 14 K in the fueling pellet injectors. Liquid He systems can be also designed as a separate unit upon request.

Ultrasonic dispergation technology was adapted to high-temperature and aggressive materials such as NaOH melt at 600ºC.

Two types of atomizers developed: 2 MHz high frequency atomizer (US patent #6,883,729) producing 1-3 micron dust and low frequency 22 kHz device atomizer or 30-40 micron atomization coupled with 40 kW inductive plasma torch.

Both technologies can be applied to atomize high temperature liquids, melts etc. Droplet size depends on the atomizer frequency and liquid surface tension coefficient and varies in the range of 1-50 microns.

Detection of microwave reflection and absorption is used for contactless weighting and plasma density measurements.

Lasers, spectrometers, fast CCD cameras and total radiation detectors

Extremely strong 5-20 kV electromagnetic pulses discharging the energy of up to 100 KJ during 100 s are used for various applications such as stone crushing, concrete cleaning, water disinfection or waste sorting.

Clean, stable and powerful inductive torch plasma is applied to powder processing. We offer 1-200 kW plasma torches, RF generators and powder feeders. Torch plasma simulation can help to improve your RF inductive torch design.

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