General view of the device


Optical unit of the device.


The device is designed for the measurements of front to back scattering coefficient of coats and reflecting details in a wide range of light angles.

 Possible applications:

  • Measurements of reflectivity of paint coats, reflecting materials, road paints. Back scattering coefficient can be measured at various light angles with an accuracy better than 5%.

  • To measure size and reflectivity of glass spheres used in reflecting paint coats or abrasives. Spheres sizes: 40 - 1000 microns. Size measurements accuracy 1 - 10 %. Reflectivity measurements accuracy 5%.

 Measurement methods: 

  • Measurement and analysis of scattered light indicatrix.

  • Measurement of a single particle back scattering.

 Working prototype of the device measuring back scattering coefficient of paint coats and materials (left) and an example of the results obtained at various light angles (right).

Development status:

Prototypes of the diagnostic devices have been designed, manufactured and tested.

Collaboration offers:

Joint patenting, development and manufacturing.

 Competitive advantages.

There is no devices measuring back scattering of a single particle. Small sized prototype is available.

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